Oak Instrumental Music Calendar 2018-2019



Wednesday, Sept. 4                       Parent meeting: Oak Band Room @ 6:30pm - for all Instrumental Music Parents

                                                          Jazz Parent Meeting: Oak Band Room @ 7:30pm

Thursday, Sept. 12                        Jazz rehearsals begin 3:00-5:00pm



Thursday, Oct. 3-17                       Disneyland tickets Fundraiser 

Saturday, Oct 12                           Taste For Los Al  Call Time & Performance TBD - Jazz only                                                        

Friday, Oct 25                                Marching Band Night with LAHS

Friday, Oct 25                                Water Balloon Toss for fundraiser participants

TBD                                                 Grammy Museum Field Trip - Beg. Band


Monday, Nov. 4 -21                         Poinsettia sales fundraiser

Friday, Nov. 8                                   Veterans Day Assembly - Adv. Band & Adv. Orch


Wednesday, Dec 2                        Parking spot raffle begins

Saturday, Dec. 7                            Winder Wonderland - Jazz only

Monday, Dec. 9                             Parking spot raffle ends

Wednesday, Dec. 12                    Winter Concert @ 7:00pm (McGaugh) - all groups


Monday, Jan. 13-30                      See's candy sales fundraiser

TBD                                                 Jazz recording session




Friday, Feb. 7th                          See's candy pick up

TBD                                              Jazz Band parent meeting: Band room @ 7pm

TBD                                              Picture Day

Thursday, Feb. 27                      Spring Concert @ 7pm (McGaugh) - all groups

Saturday, Feb. 29                      All District Festival (LAHS) - all groups



Saturday, March 14                  Esperanza Festival - Jazz only

                                                     Spotlight Festival - Jazz only

Monday, March 16                    8th grade parent night at LAHS

Saturday, March 21                  Jazz Festival - Jazz only

Thursday, March 26                  Open House performance - Jazz & Adv. Orch           

Tuesday, March 31                    Possible Disneyland field trip - Adv. Band


Fri-Sun, April 3-5                        Jazz Tour or Monterrey Festival (pending acceptance) - Jazz only

TBD                                              Knott's Berry Farm Performance - Int Band

Monday, April 27th                   Possible Gaslamp performance - Jazz  and  Adv. Orchestra only


Friday, May 8                               End of Year Concert @ 7:00pm (LAHS) - all groups

TBD                                               Disneyland Performance - Adv. Band & Adv Orch

Tuesday, May 26                         Promotion - Jazz only





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